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Winston Salem Gyms, Health Clubs and Fitness Centers

Gyms in Winston Salem, NC are easy to find using our listing of the best fitness centers in the area.


Winston Salem fitness centers and health clubsWinston Salem gyms is the premier website for travelers, local residents, and other people find a gym, yoga studio, or other type of fitness center in the triad area. Our detailed listing of gyms helps to take the guesswork out of picking a health club to join or to visit. Using our directory we hope to help you find the fitness center that meets your specific needs and interests.

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Choosing a Winston Salem Gym

Winston Salem gyms vary greatly in price, size, amenities, programs offered, hours, convenience and in their motivational atmosphere. Many people join a gym with the best of intentions but end up unmotivated and generally discouraged. Choosing a fitness center that's right for you is absolutely critical to your success.

Convenience Matters

The number one reason that people fail to exercise and/or workout is a lack of time. For this reason it's crucial that you select a gym that convenient to your home, work or both. The more convenient the gym is the more likely you are to use the facility. Also, given the price of gas these days it only makes good financial sense to find a fitness center that's convenient.

Convenience goes beyond the location of a fitness center. You also need to consider the hours of operation and - if you take group exercise classes - the group exercise schedule. If you have kids and you plan to use the fitness centers child care service then you'll also need to consider the hours that child care is available. Most do not have full-time child care so you really need to check that to see if their hours will work for your schedule.

Try Before You Buy

Most high quality fitness centers will provide you with free pass to try their facility. Be sure to do just that before you commit to a membership or personal training package. If you are new to working out then I'd suggest trying a number of different fitness centers to be sure that you are comfortable in the facility and that you'll be motivated to use the center as often as possible. The goal is to locate a gym where you'll look forward to working out each week because you enjoy going and maybe even feel guilty when you don't.

Personal Training Studios

Winston Salem personal training studios are small facilities which specialize in working one-on-one with a client. Pricing, level of experience and qualifications vary greatly. Just because someone claims to be a personal trainer or even has a personal training studio does NOT mean they are qualified to safely and effectively train a client. Make sure that the trainer you select has a nationally recognized certification that takes more than a weekend to earn. ACE, NASM and NSCA are all certification that take a lot of work to earn and to maintain - thus look for trainers that have at least those certifications.